6 July, 14.00 – 17.30, Theatre 1

Cyber-threat, - crime, -terrorism are on the rise. No single aspect of data center and cloud infrastructure is more mission critical than the ever-growing risk to data, network and physical facilities. Alongside with the rise of IoT applications, which results in a huge influx of data on the networks from the connected devices, what are the best practices to avoid hacks and downtime?

As an introductory seminar at INTERPOL World, security and data center experts will highlight the need for the industry to be alert of the trends and threats in its environment; how enterprises and data center providers can best strategize and govern their digital infrastructure; and the available innovations today that can help to protect your infrastructure.

DCD Summit: Security for mission critical infrastructure and ICT systems


 Summit Chairman address


 INTERPOL Intelligence: Cybersecurity breach of data centers in the world


 M&E Cybersecurity: Will your data center infrastructure be the next ransom target


 Governing your data center from people, protocols to technology


 Afternoon Coffee Break


 Panel: How cybersecurity matters to data center providers and their end-users?


 Harnessing cloud power to improve security


 Closing comments


 Networking Drinks at Expo