Inspiring ideas, stimulating dialogues

Each day, the Congress will bring together some 500 international delegates who will address the future of law enforcement, criminality and directives, through different tracks and perspectives. Participants get to catch a glimpse of how the police and criminal morph under the radar of high-technology and smart policing.

  • Future Security: Strategic thought leadership​
    A strategic approach on future security presentations and discussion by high-level thought leadership think tanks of government policy makers, law enforcers and key industry leaders.

  • Future Policing: Embodiment of better policing techniques
    International delegates and experts from public and private sectors interacting with keynote speakers on topics such as Cyber, IoT, Biometrics, Big Data Analytics, Robotics / Intelligence, Genetics and Synthetic Biology, just to name a few.

  • Futuristic Imagination of Future Technology
    Hollywood blockbusters such as Minority Report set the stage for policing in the year 2054. Innovations featured in this futuristic film such as multi-touch interfaces, unmanned surveillance and facial recognition have actually materialized in today’s world of crime fighting, enough to impress even the Wall Street Journal. On a lighter note, authors, scriptwriters and film creators who are rightly deemed ‘technology future-thinkers’, will share their imaginations on how crimes may evolve and technology can advance and evolve to further assist law enforcers in their course of work.

Delegate Profile

Chiefs, Heads, Directors, Officers, Security Professionals, Security Consultants, System Integrators from:

  • Homeland Security Departments
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Regulators and Policy-makers
  • Critical Infrastructure, including
    • Telecommunications
    • Airports/Ports/Harbours
    • Public Transportation
    • Public Utilities
    • Sports Stadiums
  • Commercial Sectors, including
    • Banks and Financial Institutions
    • E- and M-commerce
    • Data Centres
    • Hotel Chains
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Oil and Gas
    • Brand owners
    • Commercial, Residential and Industrial Property Developers
  • R&D Institutions
  • Academia
  • Media

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